Creation & Vision

CommSol was founded by Steve Clifford, formally a Managing Director (MD) at J.P. Morgan Asset Management (JPMAM). In the 16 years he worked for JPMAM, Steve worked in various roles and locations in Asset Management and Wealth Management. His experience of Change Management derives from his position as Global Head of Change for Asset Management, where he ran a team of highly skilled individuals who implemented Business and Operational Change across the business globally. On leaving JPMAM, Steve had a goal of setting up his own company with two main aims: 


Firstly, to help in all aspects of Change Management, an area he felt had scope for development, and to create a better approach to what he considered was still a subject some companies struggled with.

Secondly, and one close to his heart, was to provide outstanding Intellectual Property (IP) at great value for money, in other words, have a workforce that were the best in the workplace and would be an example to all those who looked for ‘change’ specialists.

Steve’s passion for Change Management is at the core of CommSol and will always be the driving force behind improving Businesses, their processes and functions. It is this enthusiasm that he feeds to all that work for CommSol and aims to carry this approach to every transformation, every successful change implementation and every project.


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