Anti-Financial Crime Services


  Why CommSol​

  • We have a robust track record of implementing best in class Anti- Financial Crime (AFC) programmes at the world’s leading financial service organisations. Our aim is to implement robust, yet simple solutions with the best possible customer experience. At the heart of all AFC work is the people engagement and our team are culture and conduct specialists who will ensure that any changes in process and technology are firmly embedded into the organisation.


  Our Services

  • We provide advisory and delivery services on all aspect of AFC which includes:

  • Our team is vastly experienced in all matters relating to Anti-Financial Crime

  • Previously FINCAM group members (Financial Crime in Asset Management)

  • Global experience & global capabilities - EMEA, APAC and US

  • CommSol has direct engagement with regulators internationally on relevant AML/KYC practices

  • Our AFC team is made up of true industry experts who are tried and tested (including former cross regional MLROs at leading global institutions and former Global Heads of CDD Operations)

  • Robust knowledge share and training is built into all aspects of our work





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